Wednesday, March 23, 2011


The new Justin Bieber movie came out so I, along with a friend of mine, took our girls and their friends to watch the movie. I was dreading it at first, but it was a pretty cute movie. Plus the girls had a Blast!!!!! It was cute to see them go CRAZY over JB!!! When we were leaving the girls kept feeling each others foreheads and saying..."Yup, we got Beiber fever!!! Too funny! Gotta love 8 year old Bieber Fans!!!!

Birthday Cup Cakes with friends.

Nico celebrated his bday with his friends from school. It's so funny how he does and doesn't like being the center of attention. His teacher kept asking him if he wanted a crown and be king for the day. Nico said, "no i'm good." then later changed his mind. His little cheeks turned red when they sang Happy Birthday to him. Then afterwards whispered in my ear,"mom that was kind-of cool!" My crazy 5 year old son!!! Ohhhhhhh how I adore this kid!!!!


K I can't believe that my sweet boy is 5! Nico keeps saying "I'm 5 that means I'm a big boy now!!!" Then he continued to inform me that he can't be my baby boy anymore. He'll always be my baby boy though. He had a pretty great birthday this year. He had his birthday party that was for BOYS ONLY! Then he had a family birthday dinner with his cousins later that day. His favorite dinner with cake and ice cream on his actual birthday with us. Then he had cupcakes with his friends at school the next day! Spoiled kid. Of course we ended his party with our traditional making a wish and letting go of the balloons. He later asked if when he's old, old like when he's 30 if I'm still going to buy them balloons to let go of on their bday!!! I said of course I am! He smiled and wrapped his arms around me and said cool!!!!

bday cont.

bday cont.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


On July 31st 2010, our baby girl was baptized!!! It was the most beautiful and spiritual day that our family has ever experienced! It was such a nice reminder of the promises we have made with our heavenly father. It was a nice reminder of what it means to be Christ like. It was a nice reminder of how blessed I am to have the gift of the holy ghost. And now my sweet girl has received these same blessings. Almost 5 years ago when we were trying to decide what church was best for our family, we knew this journey was going to be a tough one. At times I felt like giving up and giving in.It wasn't until I watched my handsome husband baptize our first born that I realized once again that we made the right decision. For me, for Rene, and for our children. Wow...what it must feel like to hold the priesthood. I'm so grateful for husband and for the priesthood that he holds for our family. I'm grateful for the sweet testimony that Adriana has. It shines brighter than anyone I've ever met. She was so happy and proud of the choice that she had made. Ohhhhhhh...i could go on and on forever. I still feel like I'm still on this spiritual high!!! I'm proud to be her mother and i'm proud of all that she has done and all that she will continue to do!


It's great to be 33...especially since i thought i was turning 34!!! My dear sweet friend Lisa planned a whole night of fun for my birthday, which by the way included an amazing cake!!! We stayed at the Golden Nugget and had a blast. We walked Freemont St. ate .99 cent shrimp cocktails (well, now they are 1.99 but still good) hung out by the pool and stayed up eating junk food and talking all night!!! I felt completely loved and spoiled!!!!! I adore my friends and am so thankful for them!!!!

IT'S GREAT TO BE 8!!!!!!!

July has ALWAYS been a busy month around here!!! This year was a little one different though!!! This birthday was extra special for Adriana. She decided she wanted a Pinkalious Pool Party!!! Soooooo much fun!!! My kiddos have become little fishes this year. Adriana learned how to swim in the deep end and how to dive off the diving board. So it was a perfect way to celebrate her 8th birthday!!! We had our closest friends and our family there, tons of food (tons of pink food too) and her Pito, Uncle Ferni, and her daddy all got in the pool and made it extra fun!!! And of course we ended it with our traditional releasing of the balloons and she made her wish for the year! It's definitely GREAT TO BE 8!!!!!


This year by far was the worst year. Somehow we all managed to survive it. Breaking her arm on the 2nd day of school. Dealing with 23 absence for the year. That's right 23!!! Between her broken arm and getting strep throat 3 times this year it was tough trying to keep her on track with her work and her grades. She did it though. A B Honor Roll for the whole year! woot woot!! But the worst part of this year was watching her get bullied everyday for a couple of months. There is nothing worse than watching your children in pain. She came out of it with such amazing strength and courage. Her self-esteem and her confidence truly shinned when it was all said and done!!! What a strong little girl I have!!! So now this year is done and we have next year to look forward to. 3rd grade here we come!!!